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Canal de Denúncias para Grandes Empresas

What is a Reporting Channel?

The Reporting Channel serves as the main ally of a Compliance System in the company. It is through it that employees, anonymously and securely, report irregularities that may be happening in the company, with the aim of producing evidence or revealing ways for the author of the unlawful act to be discovered.

Why does your
company need a
Reporting Channel?

All companies are vulnerable and at risk of illegal activity, misconduct by their employees and third parties, fraud, and other losses and irregularities that are not in accordance with the company’s Code of Ethical Conduct, rules, or Compliance System. The Reporting Channel is one of the tools, perhaps the most effective, for identifying such deviations, and is one of the pillars and also called the “heart” of the Integrity or Compliance Mechanism of companies.

How Does It Work?

The Reporting Channel is managed by an independent and totally impartial company called Contato Seguro. On identifying or suspecting any irregularity, the employee can make a report
in our Compliance System by accessing or by calling us toll-free.

The Reporting Channel works 24 hours a day and the reports from employees are received by specialists at Contato Seguro who are responsible for forwarding them for analysis, investigation and resolution. Upon making a manifestation, the manifestant will receive a protocol number, through which he or she can track the progress and resolution.

What are the benefits?

With the support of the Reporting Channel, your company promotes a culture of transparency, ethics, and integrity. The channel also prevents conducts that are contrary to the company’s principles and values and, as a result, we maintain a better working environment that is free of irregularities for everyone.